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Faraid Calculation


Introducing FaST Guide - A Powerful Online Faraid Distribution Guide by as-Salihin Trustee Berhad    

Revolutionary and first in the world! 

At last, a quick reference tool that quickly tells you who gets what in a Muslim estate distribution. No more guesswork. No more complex calculations. No more tables to look up. 

Developed by as-Salihin Trustee Berhad, the FaST Guide Version 2© * is designed for those who wish to work out the distribution of a Muslim estate to heirs based on Faraid rules. 

A handy calculator and guide on Muslim estate distribution. 

What you get 

  • Fractions (and percentages) for distribution to heirs   
  • Amount for each heir based on value of an estate   
  • Millions of combinations allowing up to 15 persons for each class of siblings and issues.   
  • Pie chart for the result   
  • Faraid Guide – notes on various aspects of Faraid rules   
  • aSTute Planner Guide – guide on types of instruments, functions, advantages, costs and process on Muslim estate distribution   
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